Our Most-Loved Products

"What our customers say?"

Gary M 

-Durham, NC -

"Amazing Concept !! Definitely made my customer happy. I will buy more for my three other hotels"

Matilda Z, 

-Lockhaven, PA--

"One of my vendor gave this to me as a promotional gift. The idea is so interesting and novel that I absolutely loved it so much"

Ann H 

-Elgin, Il-

"I gave one to one of my customer looking to buy a car. She returned to me because she saved my chocolate business card"

Ahmed D 

-Palo Alto, CA-

"Giving a piece of the chocolate with my business card at the end of my customers' house tour always give them joy and something to talk about" 

The Real Belgium Chocolate

We have technology to imprint any photo or logo on top of the chocolate using white chocolate as ink and dark chocolate as canvas. Each chocolate piece is made using premium Belgian chocolate and safely protected in a FDA approved food-grade packaging